Our website is inspired by the opinions about Poland, we heard from our friends from Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, who spent their time with us, heal up, do business or simply had a good time in Polandia and further or closer area.Czantoria2007-23_fhdr

Our site has been created for you our friends friends from Riyadh, Doha or Dubai, who have not been in Poland yet and would like to know the legendary hospitality, openness of Polish people combined with beautiful green and wild nature.

Poland is the best alternative to the popular tourist destinations because it combines high quality service with very attractive prices, but it also has the advantage over the UK, Germany or France that is openness and an authentic friendship residents to tourists from Arab countries. Because really there is a lot conneting us _ Love of Arabian horses, unique in Europe, religiosity, respect for the family well and Polish hospitality are features that are famous in people from Gulf.

If you just want to have fun, to experience the adventure and feel safe and comfortable is all you will find is an oasis of green tranquility in the Vistula River.


Our medical Partners

KCM Jelenia Góra

Płatek Szczecin

Sanatorium Ustroń

MediSpa Mazowsze


Bocian Białystok

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