The II World War brought destruction to all spheres of life in Poland, and annihilated most of Polish horse breeding. Post-war reconstruction of pure bred Arabian studs was based on the descendants of the sallion Kuhailan Haifi imported from Bahrain, and the sons of Ofir: Witraż, Wielki Szlem and Witeź II. In the Polish Peoples’ […]

Arabian Horse Days are an annual event dedicated to Polish Purebred Arabian Horses organized by the Polish State Studs in Janów Podlaski, Michałów and Białka to honour the Polish Arabian Horse breeding program. This enterprise comprsies two events which which are held each year in August at Janów Podlaski Stud: ♦ the Polish National Arabian […]

The annual event is dedicated to Polish Purebred Arabian Horses, which is organized by the Polish State Studs in Janów Podlaski, Michałów and Białka to honour the Polish Arabian Horse breeding program. Labelled as Pride of Poland, The Arabian Horse Days is an event unique in many respects, and taking great pride in having the longest tradition […]

Before you are allowed to climb up to a high platform, you will learn how to use fall protection equipment during a few minutes’ obligatory instruction session. After a bit of theory there’s time for practice – every trainee has to show our instructor that they have acquired all the necessary skills to enjoy the […]

The presence of oriental horses on the territory of Poland was first mentioned during the wars with the Turks and Tartars which took place in the 14th – 17 centuries. During this period Polish military men were had the opportunity to capture Arabian stallions for domestic breeding purposes, since these were the horses used by […]

Something for lovers of greenery and gardening In 1979 Bronislaw Kapias – the owner has decided to share their passion with others. On a small patch of land once he began to plant the plants, gradually introduce the architecture of the garden, creating newer and newer green areas. Old Gardens to visit Object of the […]

Just a few hundred meters from the Pszczyna’s old town you can meet … bison. This possibility gives a demonstrative pens Bisons, which was established in the historic park in the part called “Zwierzyniec”. At nearly 10 hectares You will find  two farms with infrastructure, including psture place, homestead quarantine and food stores. Animals can […]

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  "МОНЕТКИН" Производитель альбомов для монет "МОНЕТКИН" альбомы для монет Ателье Лакидона изготовление мебели на заказ из массива дерева MBL - Гранд Мебель Корпусная мебель из массива Медцентр “НИА-МЕД”, Cтоматолог в Люблино Плитковкин Дом -Производство тротуарной плитки Плитка Ковка -Производство тротуарной плитки ООО "ГанПлит-Ко" Производство тротуарной плитки ООО Ленарт плюс - производство бордюров, производство брусчатки Веб-студия "ТЕН3D" "Америка Моторс" Мастерская Снежного "MBoutique" Виртуальные туры "Панорамов" http://xn--c1absb.xn--p1ai/ Лесстор «Поли-Трэвел» polandiaspa Изодром ТЫ ФОТОГРАФ "фотостудия TutVamFoto" "Иван Антонов Vkus Flamenco / Вкус Фламенко " "детские игрушки в Москве,КАРНАВАЛЬНЫЕ КОСТЮМЫ" "туризм, путешествия, дешевый тур -" Автозапчасти Мерцедес