ABOUT THE JUMP Little history The first  ski jumping hill in the valley of Malinka in Wisła was constructed in 1933. The construction was made entirely of wood. The record of distance,  set by  Mieczysław Kozdruń,  was 41 m.  In the following years the ski jumping  hill was renovated . It underwent the considerable  changes […]

Poland is the 6th largest food producer in the EU with total sales of around EUR 40 billion and food industry is one of the biggest Polish industrial sectors. According to the 2013 data from the Central Statistical Offi ce (GUS) its share in total manufacturing production was 19.6% and its share in employment was close to […]

The automotive sector is one of the largest industrial producers in Poland. According to information from Central Statistical Office for 2013 it constitutes more than 12% of Polish manufacturing and gives jobs to around 160.000 of employees. Poland’s automotive sector is largely oriented towards exports, with key players selling into Western Europe (Fiat, Ford, VW […]

The system of investment incentives in Poland consists of a series of instruments, which may be used by foreign investors. For entrepreneurs the most important elements of the system include: financial support for investments of considerable importance for Polish economy, investment incentives in the special economic zones and real estate tax exemptions. Governmental support system Governmental grants are […]

Poland is attractive for investors for many reasons, but top of the list is its over 38,5 million domestic consumer market. Our country is the 30th largest market in the world and one of the biggest EU member states, the 6th most populated country in the Union and the biggest market in the region of Central and […]

Chapter 2. Stable and growing economy According to the EUROSTAT estimates for 2013 Poland was one of the fastest growing countries in the EU. Only three baltic countries, Luxembourg, Malta and Romania recorded higher rates of GDP growth. While on the average the size of GDP in the EU did not increase in 2013 at all, Polish […]

At the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries Pszczyna grounds were ruled by Cieszyn dukes. In 1517 the duke of Cieszyn, Kazimierz II, sold the lands to a Hungarian magnate, Aleksy Turzo which ended a ruling period of Piast dynasty in Pszczyna district. A Free State Country (Wolne Państwo Stanowe) was formed, including Pszczyna, […]

“Sielanka” restaurant Welcome heartily to Ustroń lying at the foot of the mountain Czantoria in Beskid Śląski, in “SIELANKA”, in the building coming from the XIX century. In the restored interiors you can find a cosy restaurant, luxury hotel rooms and the gallery – souvenir. “SIELANKA” has the safe and large car park and the […]

Ustron is a spa town in the administrative district of Cieszyn which is in the south-western province of Silesia. The town lies in the valley of the River Vistula that flows through the Silesian Beskids. The spa is a characteristic foothills resort that is surrounded by forested peaks, predominantly of spruce and beech trees, of Czantoria […]

The legendary restaurant, which consists of three parts: the original homestead of 1793 where the fire can cook yourself a meal, room with a hearth fire in the shape of the head called the Devil, and the Devil mouths of underground caves where the air-conditioned restaurant in the original style. HALL I “FIREPLACE” This room […]