At the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries Pszczyna grounds were ruled by Cieszyn dukes. In 1517 the duke of Cieszyn, Kazimierz II, sold the lands to a Hungarian magnate, Aleksy Turzo which ended a ruling period of Piast dynasty in Pszczyna district. A Free State Country (Wolne Państwo Stanowe) was formed, including Pszczyna, […]

“Sielanka” restaurant Welcome heartily to Ustroń lying at the foot of the mountain Czantoria in Beskid Śląski, in “SIELANKA”, in the building coming from the XIX century. In the restored interiors you can find a cosy restaurant, luxury hotel rooms and the gallery – souvenir. “SIELANKA” has the safe and large car park and the […]

The legendary restaurant, which consists of three parts: the original homestead of 1793 where the fire can cook yourself a meal, room with a hearth fire in the shape of the head called the Devil, and the Devil mouths of underground caves where the air-conditioned restaurant in the original style. HALL I “FIREPLACE” This room […]

Something for lovers of greenery and gardening In 1979 Bronislaw Kapias – the owner has decided to share their passion with others. On a small patch of land once he began to plant the plants, gradually introduce the architecture of the garden, creating newer and newer green areas. Old Gardens to visit Object of the […]

The Water Tower is an old structure transformed into a place where creativity and imagination have no limits. The whole space is filled with the ambience of science fiction and its industrial character penetrates deep down into the foundations, taking visitors to the times of Jules Verne or Herbert George Wells. The Tower is absolutely […]

Just a few hundred meters from the Pszczyna’s old town you can meet … bison. This possibility gives a demonstrative pens Bisons, which was established in the historic park in the part called “Zwierzyniec”. At nearly 10 hectares You will find  two farms with infrastructure, including psture place, homestead quarantine and food stores. Animals can […]