Poland is the 6th largest food producer in the EU with total sales of around EUR 40 billion and food industry is one of the biggest Polish industrial sectors. According to the 2013 data from the Central Statistical Offi ce (GUS) its share in total manufacturing production was 19.6% and its share in employment was close to […]

The attractiveness of the Polish renewable energy market for foreign investors results from two main factors. At first Poland needs major investment in energy generation and transmission, resulting from growing demand and serious underinvestment in the past. Secondly the share of electricity generated from bituminous coal and lignite in Poland is approximately 88% (2012 data) of the total […]

Poland is one of the biggest supplier of electronic equipment, TV sets in particular, to EU markets. The electronics industry in Poland has been expanding in recent years and has reached the position of one of the largest in Europe. According to available estimates total sales of the electronics industry in 2012 amounted EUR 8,5 billion and […]

Poland is one of the best places to locate BPO/SSC services in Europe. It offers public support, stable economy, EU standards and relatively cheap well qualified labour force with extensive foreign language skills and strong working incentives. BPO/SSC investments are also strongly supported by central and local administration of various levels offering a number of incentives for potential investors. […]

The Polish aeronautical industry has a long tradition of more than 70 years. In more recent periods, due to an intensive restructuring process, the industry experienced rapid growth. The sector is currently almost entirely controlled by foreign corporations. Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego PZL Kalisz is the last state owned company in the sector. The aeronautical industry in Poland is […]

The automotive sector is one of the largest industrial producers in Poland. According to information from Central Statistical Office for 2013 it constitutes more than 12% of Polish manufacturing and gives jobs to around 160.000 of employees. Poland’s automotive sector is largely oriented towards exports, with key players selling into Western Europe (Fiat, Ford, VW […]

We understands that each sector has its specific nature and that investors operating in it have specific needs. In this chapter we concentrate on sectors in which the investors are most interested, that is, automotive, aviation, BPO/SSC, electronics, energy, food industry, household appliances, IT and R&D. Poland has at its disposal a highly qualified workforce. Our workers are […]

The system of investment incentives in Poland consists of a series of instruments, which may be used by foreign investors. For entrepreneurs the most important elements of the system include: financial support for investments of considerable importance for Polish economy, investment incentives in the special economic zones and real estate tax exemptions. Governmental support system Governmental grants are […]

Poland is attractive for investors for many reasons, but top of the list is its over 38,5 million domestic consumer market. Our country is the 30th largest market in the world and one of the biggest EU member states, the 6th most populated country in the Union and the biggest market in the region of Central and […]

  Poland’s convenient location at the junction of the East-West and North-South communication routes, makes the country a perfect investment destination for enterprises targeting both Western and Eastern as well as Northern and Southern part of Europe. From Warsaw it takes only several hours either by car, train or plain to reach a number of Europe’s major capital […]